Dynamic Photo-HDR 5.2.0

Tool that lets you add high dynamic range to your photos

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Dynamic Photo HDR is a software program that was created to restore the original integrity of photos that are blurry or were poorly shot.

Dynamic Photo HDR relies on a new system that was developed to redefine the task of photo editing and restoring the true form of a photo. It is important to note that this technology is still somewhat in the experimental phase and is not yet a complete representation of the true capabilities of this advanced technology. Thus, some aspects of the program could still use some tweaking. Nonetheless, we put the program to the test and found that it did an admirable job of fixing photos that were less than perfect replicas of reality.

Sometimes photographers have a specific vision for a photograph, but what comes out of the camera is not exactly what they had in mind. This technology is ideal for such photographers. With the help of Dynamic Photo HDR, users can upload their images and tweak the photos to adjust alignment problems, issues with focus, lighting problems and imperfections that may have cropped up somewhere along the line. This is a deviation from the typical editing software that most people are used to seeing. Instead of offering tools to cover imperfections and filters to change the way a photo looks, the focus of Dynamic Photo HDR is simply to restore poorly shot photographs.

The program utilizes a technology often referred to as Pin Warping to correct alignment issues. Pin Warping allows photos to be adjusted automatically or manually. It can correct any sort of misalignment issue with ease.

Sometimes, when photos are taken, ghost images can appear within those photos. This usually occurs when taking photos of object or people that moving rapidly, or in instances where there is an insufficient amount of light. Now, thanks to Dynamic Photo HDR, these undesirable shadowy figures can be completely dispelled from photos with just a few clicks

Another feature is tone mapping. This can change the overall tone of a photograph by altering the shades that are used. Messing with the tone mapping of a photograph can completely change the overall feel of a photo. This is one of the most powerful features offered by the software.

Although Dynamic Photo HDR is still in the beginning stages of development, we appreciate the great potential that this new technology holds. Though it is imperfect and at times, very little can be done to correct a particularly poor photo, for the most part, we can see dramatic adjustments take place in most of the photos that we tested it with.


  • boosts the quality of poorly shot or out of focus pictures
  • can remove ghosting from photos shot in action
  • expels distortions
  • correct mistakes with the flash


  • can be slow at processing photos
  • does not have as many options as comparable programs
  • cannot fix seriously deformed photos

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